Training & Development to Succeed in PR & Communications

The PRCA Launches in the Region
May 1, 2017
It’s no secret, communications professionals need all manner of varied skills to succeed in the world of PR. Skills often cited for these jobs include; ‘ multi-tasking’, ‘organized’, and having excellent written & communications skills. If you are wandering what’s out there that can really help you to be the best you can be in this industry, I’ve got some recommendations for you. I’ve been very fortunate to have undergone extensive trainings, workshops and development programs of all kinds over the years to work on everything from delivering great presentations to coaching, negotiating, managing finance and being a good leader. I often get asked by people what the best training courses I have done are. To be honest, most have been brilliant for developing different skills along the way, so it really depends what areas you want to work on. I thought I would share my top 3 recommendations for anyone wanting to enrich and develop their skills for a career in this business:

Media Training
Essential if you are going to work in PR, or with brands in any spokesperson capacity. This is invaluable and will set you up with great skills like tackling tricky media interviews and learning tools to tackle media crisis more effectively.

Karen Kay is my top choice, as one of the industry’s most experienced journalists who has been delivering media training for years. I never looked back!

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Digitally Savvy
With the evolution of communications becoming ever more integrated with digital, you must have a solid grasp of digital to work in PR as more often than not, the two are usually integrated together within organizations (if they aren’t already, many are starting to merge these two functions under the same department). For a PR, understanding the basics of pure digital, advertising, content, campaigns, social media and influencer marketing will be almost non-negotiable in the future. For anyone looking to gain valuable insight and knowledge, I recommend taking an accredited course run by someone who works in the business and knows what they are talking about. Widely respected PR Consultant Irene Moore from Digital Marketing London runs a fully accredited 5-day in depth bootcamp course for anyone looking to up their game online.


Development across all areas of your life
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: You may have heard of this course or the bestselling book. It’s truly one of the best courses I’ve done and you gain valuable skills by developing the 7 Habits into all aspects of your life. It’s one of those game- changers, the lessons are outlined with plenty of examples and the idea is to make the lessons taught actual habits in your day to day life. If you can’t manage the course (it is a big investment), the book is also fantastic, stick with it, it takes time, and as with everything, you have to dedicate yourself to applying it little by little. I personally think that even if you implement 20% of the lessons Steven Covey teaches, you will see a noticeable , difference in your professional & personal life. This should be taught in schools!